High Dose Ozone Therapy: What It Is And How Doctors Use It

Health Tips / High Dose Ozone Therapy: What It Is And How Doctors Use It
High Dose Ozone

If you’ve been to either of our centers, I’m sure you’ve seen patients relaxing in large recliner chairs, dozing, or busy on their smartphone, tablet or reading a book and on the receiving end of an intravenous drip. If you happen to glance at what’s in the intravenous tubing, you might notice it’s red, and yes, it’s blood, a small amount of the patient’s own, now being returned to her, improved upon, having been “ozonated,” passed through a device that increases it’s oxygen capacity.  

Although there are only a handful of medical centers in the Chicago area currently offering ozone therapy, their number is on the increase. Physicians of all stripes (M.D.’s, D.O.’s D.C.’s, dentists, nurse practitioners) are signing up for courses on ozone therapy, joining the American Academy of Ozonotherapy and adding ozone modalities to their practices.

Why are so many people using ozone therapy?

The main reason is this: they have discovered how the human body will heal itself more efficiently from virtually every chronic illness when its cells are ‘hyper-oxygenated,’ when its detoxification systems are enhanced and when toxins accumulated throughout life are cleared out.

Ozone therapy is used when chronic conditions are not responding to conventional therapies alone. These diseases include cardiovascular problems, diabetes, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, “long COVID” (protracted symptoms after a bout of COVID) and chronic infections like Lyme and other tick borne illnesses, candidiasis), autoimmune disease, cancer, Parkinson’s and ALS, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

Ozone works to

  • Regulate your immune system (whether ‘underactive’ as in chronic infections, or ‘overactive’ as in autoimmune disease)
  • Stimulate increased oxygen uptake into each cell
  • By doing so, improve circulation
  • Increase antioxidant protection
  • Stimulate mitochondria, your cell’s ‘energy centers’

A “small dose” means this. A nurse removes just about a half cup of your blood and runs it through a generating device that bubbles ozone through it. Then she returns the blood to your body. You leave with the same amount of blood you arrived with. The term for this is ‘autotransfusion.’  

We have been offering intravenous ozone therapy for years at WholeHealth Chicago, also called Major Autohemotherapy (MAH). For those with chronic infections (Lyme, COVID, candida), we also recommend UltraViolet Therapy.

We generally recommend a minimum of ten treatments of Ozone, twice weekly but we’re also aware of the logistics of traveling to WholeHealth Chicago. To solve this problem, we purchased a High Dose Ozone Therapy generator. These had been gaining popularity on the West Coast at Anti-Aging Clinics and now are in Chicago. Using High Dose Ozone reduce your number of treatments from ten to four.

You do not need to be a WholeHealth Chicago patient to receive ozone but if you want an integrative approach to your chronic health problem schedule with me or any of my associates.

Be well,

David Edelberg, MD

5 thoughts on “High Dose Ozone Therapy: What It Is And How Doctors Use It

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    Posted September 10, 2023 at 5:17 am

    Wonder if this ozono therapy can help with arthritis , dementia , and diabetes? My friend is blind because of diabetes..

    Posted May 27, 2023 at 6:51 pm

      Hi Maria,

      Ozone therapy can absolutely reduce arthritis pain and helps restore some normal function to the joint. There are also benefits when managing conditions related to diabetes and dementia.

      We are sorry to learn about your friend’s blindness.

      If you would like to learn more about ozone, please call the office for a consult at 773-296-6700.

      WholeHealth Chicago
      Posted June 13, 2023 at 5:04 pm

    Bathing anything in UV light enhances germ killing properties. You can see this in operating roomsin hospitals. It was discovered some years ago that even a small amount of blood passed through a UV beam and returned to the patient had a positive effect treating chronic infections. In 2021, at Cedars Sinai Hospital, doctors discovered that beaming UV light into the tracheas of critically ill COVID patients reduced the severity of their disease. Here’s a link to an article I wrote

    David Edelberg, M.D.
    Posted May 2, 2023 at 8:57 am

    Why ultra violet light? And how often do you need to repeat procedures ?

    Posted May 2, 2023 at 6:21 am

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