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Here at WholeHealth Chicago we’re introducing a bevy of new treatments aimed at preventing and even treating virtually all chronic symptoms and disease illnesses, the ‘bad stuff’ life can throw you when you least expect it during the decades ahead.

“Wait! Hold on!”, you splutter. “Do you actually mean ‘all’ diseases?”.

“Yes, let me explain.”

I didn’t say “cure”, did I? Doctors are taught early in medical school, “Never say ‘cure’ to your patient. Say ‘treat’, ‘help’, ‘relieve’, but not ‘cure’ (although surgeons, to their later regret, occasionally do forget this). You, the patient, want so much to hear, “Yes!” to your question, “Will I be cured?”. What you’ll hear is, “We can treat this, but there are no guarantees of long term success.”

What everyone with a chronic symptom (fatigue, pain, brain fog, etc.) or a diagnosed illness (heart disease, cancer, chronic Lyme, Alzheimer’s, an autoimmune disorder, etc. etc.) needs to know is this: with an individualized course of WholeHealth Chicago’s infusion (intravenous) therapies, supplements, alternative therapies (acupuncture, for example) combined with the conventional guidance of your specialist (neurologist, cardiologist, oncologist, etc.) you will very likely feel better and in the long run do better as well.


This is because your 30 trillion (30,000,000,000,000) cells will be receiving better nutrition and oxygen, have toxins removed (detoxification), extraneous ‘bad guys’ (viruses, bacteria, etc.) weakened by ultraviolet radiation, your immune system ramped up with peptides like Thymosin or simply regulated with low dose naltrexone (LDN).

The mainstay is a treatment called Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. Also known as ‘ozone therapy’, WholeHealth Chicago has been doing this for years.

I wrote this several years ago, and now with a major upgrade of equipment to deliver higher concentrations of ozone to your cells quickly and efficiently, the same principles stand.

Ozone, which is O3 rather than Oxygen (O2), when administered intravenously in very small doses, enhances our body’s oxygen utilization systems. I’d call the ozone dose homeopathic (i.e., extremely tiny), except conventional physicians get their knickers all twisted when anyone mentions homeopathy.

Ozone helps:

  • Regulate your immune system (whether underactive as in chronic infections or overactive as in autoimmune disease).
  • Stimulate increased oxygen uptake into each cell.
  • By doing so, it improves circulation.
  • Increases antioxidant protection.
  • Stimulates mitochondria, your cell’s energy centers.

To define a “small dose”: a nurse draws about half a cup of blood and runs it through a generating device that bubbles ozone through it. Then, the ozone enriched blood is returned to your body. As the blood is returned to you, it passes first through an ultraviolet generating beam, a detoxifying system that first appeared (though steadily improved upon) almost a century ago. You leave with the same amount of blood as you arrived with. The term for this is autohemotherapy.

How your particular treatment is selected depends on your condition. For example, the MAH-UVB for memory issues, including simple brain fog, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s might be MAH/UVB plus NAD, a Myer’s cocktail and a glutathione “push”.

For Chronic Lyme, your practitioner might suggest high potency MAH-UVB and self-administration of the peptide, Thymosin Alpha 1.

Cancer patients are, of course, quite complex and sadly their nutritional needs are often overlooked. A typical program might include high potency MAH-UVB alternated with high doses of Vitamin C infusions, Myer’s cocktails, mistletoe sent from Germany (if available).

And, of course, if you’re basically a healthy person and simply want to remain so, you can use MAH-UVB infusions for preventive maintenance. For example, check the status of your toxic metals with a urine test looking especially for lead and mercury, then removing it with added EDTA and DMSO. Begin an Anti-Aging Protocol with monthly MAH-UVB adding IV NAD+.

There are plenty of options and pricing packages to fit your budget.

Be well

Side Note: If all your bodily systems work better with improved oxygen utilization, then ozone therapy is potentially a useful adjunct for just about any chronic illness. Note the word adjunct, meaning ozone is not a replacement for good medical care and self-care. Use ozone with your heart meds, cancer chemo, antibiotics, and your healthful daily nutrition, movement, and sleep.

Be Well,

David Edelberg, MD

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