Infusions & Supplements to Maximize Your Surgical Success

Health Tips / Infusions & Supplements to Maximize Your Surgical Success
Surgical procedure preparations

If you’ve ever undergone surgery, either “emergency” (like, “We need to remove your appendix NOW!”) or “elective” (a strange term basically meaning, “You can put your surgery off until it’s convenient for either of us, but let’s not forget about it.”), you may remember you needed to undergo “surgical clearance”.

Often you’re handed what looks like a shopping list of ‘to-do’ items checked by your surgeon or assistant. Minor procedures just need a physical exam and a ‘sign-off’ signature from your doctor. The more elaborate procedures may require blood tests, electrocardiograms, stress tests and so forth.

All of these steps are perfectly reasonable. You certainly don’t want your surgery to start with somebody suddenly noticing that you have severe high blood pressure, rampantly out of control diabetes, or are teetering on a heart attack.

But it has struck me as odd how virtually no attention is ever paid to maximizing the success of a surgical procedure with good nutrition and nutritional supplements, especially an elective procedure, where you’ve got some advance notice and time for preparation.

Keep in mind that surgery will be a ‘stressor’ and your body will be calling on all its reserves to heal what all those people wearing masks and gloves have been doing to it, and afterward clearing all those chemicals poured in to keep it asleep. You may feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck and then, for good measure, the truck reverses gears and runs over you again. It’s best to prepare your body for surgery as best you can. You will definitely heal faster.

So, the weeks before any elective procedure is very much a time for conscious, healthful eating. Select from a good variety of protein, try to get 5-10 servings of veggies and fruit daily, and high-quality whole grain carbs. Keep your salt low, and your sugar and junk food nearly nonexistent.

You are probably taking many of these important supplements already but during the month before and the month after your surgery, the following merit special attention:

The only supplements not to take before surgery are vitamin E and fish oil as these interfere
with blood clotting.

Many surgeons (incorrectly) want their patients to stop Vitamin C before surgery, which is based more on opinion than any bona fide research. Dr. Andrew Weil and I encourage increasing Vitamin C and recommend it by intravenous infusion.

If you have the time, schedule two or three of WholeHealth Chicago’s “Pre-Surgical” infusions. This is a blend of vitamins (including high dose vitamin C, extra magnesium, minerals and immune boosters). You do not need to be a patient at WholeHealth Chicago and the infusions are available at both the Clybourn and the Beverly offices.

Be Well,

David Edelberg, MD

2 thoughts on “Infusions & Supplements to Maximize Your Surgical Success

    I am interested in Vitamin C therapy. Can you send me your cost per each session.

    Thank you

    Posted October 13, 2022 at 1:40 pm

      Hi Elaine,
      Vitamin C therapy is personalized based on each patient’s medical need, therefore cost can vary. We offer several IV’s that include Vitamin C along with other nutrients that may also be an option. Please feel free to call the practice at 773-296-6700. We can connect you with a provider for a complimentary IV consult to discuss what options might be best for you.

      WholeHealth Chicago
      Posted October 17, 2022 at 3:07 pm

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