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Actually, after many years, the term has been changed to a more politically correct one: Illness Anxiety Disorder.  Naturally, some degree of anxiety is totally appropriate when you are confronted with anything that might bring you protracted physical discomfort or shorten your precious lifespan (“Could this be it? The top line item on my Death […]

Cancer Screening: Overdiagnosed, Overtreated, and Blind to the Risks?

Posted 01/12/2014 At first blush, cancer screening seems like a no-brainer, sort of like getting your teeth cleaned. You don’t relish the project, but you know it’s good for you. And if a screening detects a God-forbid-bite-your-tongue-don’t-say-the-word diagnosis, at least you’ve likely caught it early. Oh, were life so straightforward. Ponder this a moment. When […]