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Cancer Prevention

Every person on the planet fears getting cancer (and believe me, doctors are just as frightened as everyone else). But in a very dramatic way, we have made one major advance against cancer: We know, in many cases, how to prevent it. Actually, we really don’t have a way to prevent all types of cancers (yet!), but we’ve made great strides with specific cancers, most especially lung, colon, and skin cancers, all of which can be avoided to a great extent. Experts now think that lifestyle choices contribute to about 75% of all cancer cases. Here at WholeHealth Chicago, you will find general guidelines for avoiding all cancers, from getting regular screening exams that make early detection possible to increasing your intake of cancer-fighting antioxidants.


You learn the diagnosis and your life is never the same. If you want to do as well as possible with the diagnosis of cancer, let me offer this advice: Drop the “victim” mentality immediately. More people are surviving cancer–and thriving thereafter–than ever before. Then, take charge of everything.