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Nobody I know was surprised when the president and many of his staff were found to be Covid-19 positive. You can only thumb your nose at science for so long before Mother Nature gets exasperated and lets you have it.

To me, the real irony is this: at the same time the upper echelon in Washington is receiving gold-plated medical care, they’re pushing through the GOP’s dream of overturning Obamacare, which would cause 30 million people to lose their health insurance.

Okay, take a deep breath. You’ve been reading that the Covid numbers are rising. You might feel anxious and believe me, you’re not alone—there are national shortages of some anti-anxiety and sleep meds.

So let’s review some steps to reduce your risk of becoming ill. You’ve seen a lot of this already in our Health Tips, but repetition is good in times of crisis.

First, accept the fact that the federal government (and many state governments) has been useless since the pandemic began and much of their advice has been quite dangerous. The one person in the US whose advice we trust, Anthony Fauci, MD, has been silenced by the White House and has not met with the president since early June.

This means that you’re pretty much on your own
But that’s OK. Your brain and survival instinct are intact. You can get through all this. The big risk is that you may be surrounded by too many genuine idiots, people with no common sense (and no mask).

Scroll down at this link to see a herd of them, gathered mostly maskless for a Rose Garden party celebrating the newly nominated justice to the Supreme Court, whose views not incidentally do not support Obamacare.

There appear to be 27 fresh cases of Covid in the last 72 hours emanating from this Rose Garden event and the debates. Click here to keep track.

Step by step
Step One  Here’s a chart showing the relative dangers of different activities. Print it and tape it to your refrigerator. Refer to it frequently.

Step Two  Keep a good supply of masks and wear one whenever you’re in a public place. Don’t consider this a political issue any more than driving with a seat belt, having meds with safety caps, or telling your child about stranger danger is political. Why it took POTUS until July 11 to wear a mask in public for the first time is beyond comprehension. Also, just three days after that debacle of a presidential debate in which Trump mocked Biden for his mask, the president is at Walter Reed being treated for Covid.

Step Three  Since state-by-state re-opening schedules are disorganized and chaotic, keep track of those states where infection rates are dropping and do what they do. Pay attention to the northeast states (cautious reopening, informed cooperative citizenry) and remember that outside is still safer than inside. Just because your region permits indoor gatherings doesn’t mean they’re safe.

Step Four  Check your supply of immune-boosting supplements. The most useful are vitamin C (1,000-2,000 mg/day), vitamin D (5,000 IU/day), zinc picolinate (50-100 mg/day), and any of the excellent mushroom blends (Five Defenders, Immunokinoko, Mycotaki) and/or herbal blends like EHB (Echinacea, hydrastine, berberine).

You’ll recall I wrote previously that our website and hundreds of others received cease and desist letters from the Federal Trade Commission because nutritionally oriented practitioners were suggesting allegedly unproven treatments. Being good citizens, virtually all the sites, including ours, removed the material as requested.

Therefore, you can imagine my irritation when I read an interview with Dr. Fauci in which he was asked if he took anything for Covid-19 prevention. He promptly mentioned vitamins C and D. Before his hospitalization, Trump was taking a vitamin cocktail that included D and zinc.

I do acknowledge that the various mushroom blends widely recommended for immune health are not FDA-approved for anything. In this case you have an opportunity to be a bit of a researcher yourself.

You’ve heard about both the T cells and NK (natural killer) cells. These are a first line of defense against infection and in fact current vaccine research is focusing on T-cell enhancement. But since taking immune-enhancing mushrooms has not been evaluated by the FDA, you can decide for yourself.

Step Five  If you really want to be armed to the teeth, call and schedule our proprietary Immune Boost IV, which can be administered in less than the 30 minutes it takes to check your phone.

You’ll receive one liter of a balanced electrolyte fluid with a mega-dose of WholeHealth Chicago’s blend of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins, including vitamin C, zinc, and B vitamins. Again, this has not been evaluated by the FDA.

It’s certainly well-accepted that the strength of your immune system is very much dependent on the state of your nutrition. Both vitamin C and zinc, for example, have direct immune- stimulating and antiviral effects. However, many of us are deficient in one or the other (or both) because we’re either inattentive to what we eat or the supplements we select aren’t being efficiently absorbed by our digestive tracts.

Immune Boost IV provides doses of these important nutrients approximately 20 times more potent than the oral versions. You couldn’t swallow enough tablets to equal the IV dose without upsetting your stomach. Additionally, IV-delivered supplements bypass the breakdown by stomach acid and enzymes (and also detoxification by your liver) to work directly at a cellular level.

I measure zinc levels frequently among my patients and have been really surprised how many have blood levels well below average. Click here and scroll down to see a list of zinc-rich foods. Along with zinc all-star the oyster, topping the charts are beef, spinach, asparagus, and mushrooms (which sounds like dinner), while other vegetables, nuts, and seeds also contribute to your daily totals.

Receiving supplements intravenously means that your body takes in 100% of each supplement. Your cells receive the benefits immediately and side effects are minimal—not much more than the tiny pinch of the needle being inserted.

For best results, plan on an IV treatment every 10 to 14 days until the flu season is over.  To schedule your Immune Boost IV, please call us at 773-296-6700.

Be well,
David Edelberg, MD

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    This is great information as we move into cold/flu season. I almost always learn something from the newsletter. I do wish I could have at least gotten past the first sentence without reading anything political. Talk about something that causes anxiety. I had to stop reading and come back to finish this issue later. So tired of it all. Thanks for the great health information. Stay well.

    Posted October 7, 2020 at 6:43 pm

    Vitamin D is good but be careful! If you take a special Vitamin D supplement plus a multivitamin that includes plenty of it, you can get an overdose that causes nasty GI symptoms.

    Posted October 6, 2020 at 2:42 pm

    What is the cost of this cocktail?

    Mariann Chase
    Posted October 6, 2020 at 9:47 am

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