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WholeHealth Chicago
March 17, 2020

Dear Friends and Patients,

WholeHealth Chicago wants you to have access to the quality health care you are familiar with from our practice. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, we want no break in the continuity of your path to wellness.

To accomplish this during these difficult times, we are initiating telemedicine visits whenever possible.

Telemedicine allows you to see a provider from the comfort of your own home. During the virtual appointment, you can review medical history, discuss any symptoms, request prescription refills, and more. We will be offering telemedicine visits with our physicians, nurse practitioners, nutritionist, homeopath, and counselors.

If you have not been exposed to COVID-19 and are not experiencing any symptoms, we will still see you in the office. As this situation is rapidly progressing, we will continue to update you on our operations as we find out more and make further decisions. However, if you are feeling ill or just practicing social distancing, you can schedule a telemedicine visit.

To aid in the effort of social distancing, please be advised that guests are not allowed to accompany patients to their visits. The only exception to this would be in the case of someone who needs to bring a caregiver or a minor who needs a legal guardian.

Please also note that you can purchase your supplements via our online Apothecary if you do not wish to visit in person. There has been a world-wide shortage of many products due to this outbreak, so please understand that many products may be backordered, out of stock, or replaced by a similar product.

We are closely monitoring this situation and will continue to update you on our operations and protocols moving forward.  Our patient services staff members are ready to help you schedule your telemedicine visit, or to switch your regular appointment to telemedicine.  Many of them are working remotely but can still be reached by calling 773-296-6700.

Be well,
WholeHealth Chicago

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