Q&A: Citicholine and the Aging Brain

Health Tips / Q&A: Citicholine and the Aging Brain

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Q I saw an article in our local paper on citicoline, which they called a natural substance found in all living things. The article said taking citicholine as a supplement could boost the power of aging brains. Is this true? Also, what exactly is it?

A First a little related background: over the years, I’ve been regularly recommending several supplements for memory enhancement and/or age-related memory problems. Regular readers know I update this list periodically, with new supplements being added and those that have proven disappointing eliminated.

One of these supplements–phosphatidyl choline–is very much involved in the overall health of your brain cells and neurotransmitter production. But some recent studies performed both in the US and Europe have been disappointing. On the plus side, phosphatidyl choline is quite good for your liver, so if you (like me) have been taking it, it’s not been in vain.

Citicholine is a newly available supplement that’s formed in the process of the body converting choline (one of the B vitamins) into phosphatidyl choline. Some very interesting research, using both people and lab animals, have shown that regularly used citicholine does indeed enhance memory and may, in fact, slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

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