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If you study nutritional medicine long enough, some concepts make good intuitive sense, but then you find nobody has done a study to verify the assumptions.

It’s always struck me that if you did aerobic exercise–you know, the huff-puff of jumping jacks or other high-intensity activity–you’d get a greater benefit if you had a lot of antioxidants in your system. The antioxidants would mop up the bad oxygen molecules called free radicals and allow your body to get the maximum oxygenation benefit all your effort deserves.

In the medical journal Research in Sports Medicine, physicians from Islamic Azad University in Iran divided young healthy men into four groups, the first three taking vitamins C, or E, or both. The fourth group took nothing. Using sprinting as the aerobic parameter, all three groups taking supplements performed significantly better than the non-users.

Basically, then, as long as you’re out there being vigorous, you might as well get the most bang for your buck by taking an antioxidant. I suggest Clinical Nutrient Antioxidants as a formula that actually one-ups the one used by the Iranians.