Q&A: Interactions Between Antidepressants and Supplements

Health Tips / Q&A: Interactions Between Antidepressants and Supplements

Q: I’m currently taking Effexor and Wellbutrin for depression. Eventually I’d like to eliminate these medications.  Will the Triple Whammy supplements harm me in any way while taking these prescribed medications?

A: The combination of Wellbutrin and Effexor is frequently used by psychiatrists because the effect is “additive”–that is, the two medicines complement each other. Please don’t attempt to discontinue these medicines without the help of your doctor. Effexor especially needs to be tapered slowly to avoid a return of your depression symptoms.

Now on to your specific question. You can safely use both B complex and fish oil with the antidepressants, but adding either St. John’s wort or 5HTP could result in too much serotonin. This condition, known as “serotonin syndrome,” causes a variety of symptoms including anxiety, agitation, and sleep disruption.

Once the Effexor and Wellbutrin are out of your body, you can safely use all the Triple Whammy supplements to support your serotonin levels.