Health Tips / Organics

One of the best parts of capitalism is that demand drives production, and the demand for organics is growing steadily—by one estimate between 20 and 25% since 1990.

Groceries large and small now have organic produce sections, featuring fruits and veggies grown in optimal soil conditions without pesticides. Periodic sales make organics as affordable as the non-organics.

If you want to try one veggie from the organic shelf, buy a bag of carrots and see what you think. Carrots, after all, grow underground and on an organic farm this means they grow in nutrient-rich soil that hasn’t been compromised by pesticides, which find their way onto and into virtually every food grown with them.

Sweet, cold, and crunchy, a couple of antioxidant-rich raw organic carrots any time of day are can quell your urge for something sweet (like candy). To learn much more, click here.