Q&A: Men and the Triple Whammy

Thanks for the many questions you send us. Here’s one a half dozen people have asked me about:

Q: Is there a book for men that’s similar to The Triple Whammy Cure?

A: There’s no book yet. However, men can certainly suffer from a Double Whammy. He’ll simply have no hormonal component: no PMS that makes symptoms worse (although the people who work or live with him might disagree on that).

A guy can have any of the low-serotonin Triple Whammy disorders (such as depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, IBS, or migraines) that flare-up when stress escalates in his life.

Treatment is essentially the same: lower the stress and get that serotonin up. The serotonin boosters in our Triple Whammy Solution line of supplements–B-100, Fish Oil, St. John’s wort, 5-HTP–work just as well for men as for women.