April Sale: 20% off Four Elements Organic Herbals Tea Blends

Health Tips / April Sale: 20% off Four Elements Organic Herbals Tea Blends

Celebrate the arrival of spring with 20% off Four Elements Organic Herbals tea blends. Based in central Wisconsin, Four Elements has been dedicated to organic growing for nearly three decades. These herbal tea blends are made with their hand-harvested organic herbs and packaged in oxygen-bleached paper.

– After Dinner Fennel Mint Tea – to comfort and support healthy digestion
– Joy, Love & Passion Tea – deliciously complex, floral blend with traditional herbs for the heart
– Minus Sinus Tea – their best-selling tea to help ease people through winter and the changing seasons
– Peace, Harmony & Tranquility Tea – for encouraging a sense of calm
– Peppermint Nettle Tea – refreshing peppermint with several herbs to make a great pick-me-up
– Power, Energy & Stamina Tea – a delicious, enriching tea with antioxidant and adaptogenic properties to fortify the body
– To Your Health Tea – a fortifying tea to keep your defenses functioning on a keen level all year round
– Tulsi Telepa Tea – offers a centering clarity
– Triple Lemon Tea – for a delicious, nourishing and calming experience

Purchase your teas at 20% off here.

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