WholeHealth Chicago Is Expanding Its Staff!

Health Tips / WholeHealth Chicago Is Expanding Its Staff!

WHOLEHEALTH CHICAGO, the Midwest’s oldest and largest center for integrative, alternative, and functional medicine, is expanding its staff to accommodate our rapidly growing patient base.

We are seeking:
A physician (MD or DO, Family Practice or Internal Medicine, Board Eligible or Board Certified) who feels confident with conventional medicine and equally at ease practicing functional medicine and recommending herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle therapies. This special physician also must be able to refer patients for alternative therapies, someone who can say with ease, “I really think a course of acupuncture is your best bet.”

We also need:
An Advanced Practice Nurse to work collaboratively with physicians/practitioners as a primary-care provider for patients with chronic symptoms as well as those seriously interested in maintaining good health. We’d like a NP who woke up one morning and realized something was wrong with the health care system. An NP who began reading about alternative modalities, may have taken some functional or integrative medicine coursework, and felt he/she was ready for a major career change.

We’re justifiably proud of our array of practitioners, including medical doctors (internal medicine, family practice, and gynecology), chiropractic physicians, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, herbalists, homeopaths, clinical nutritionists, yoga therapists, body workers, energy healers, and clinical psychologists. To get a feel for our Center, go to our website.

Our patients come from all over the U.S. and many from abroad, both self-referred or encouraged to see us by their conventional or alternative physicians.

We’re located in the heart of the Lincoln Park/Bucktown neighborhood, long recognized as some of the most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods in Chicago, home to dozens of theaters, and great restaurants.

If the team at WholeHealth Chicago sounds like one you’d want to explore further, send your CV as an email attachment to:
David Edelberg, MD

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