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Longevity Medicine:

Your Gums And Your Lifespan

Last week, we chatted about how your microbiome affects your longevity. Now let’s meander to the other end of your 30-foot-long alimentary canal, up to your mouth, specifically your gums.

WholeHealth Chicago patients know we do a check on the health status of their mouths during the physical exam, asking about their dental visits or lack thereof. The COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc as far as dental health goes. Patients have postponed cleanings, repair work, and so forth. Dentists report an epidemic of increased tooth decay and gum disease from postponed appointments as well as cracked teeth from jaw clenching and long outworn night guards.

In the process, lots of dentists have permanently closed shop, so if you do have a good dentist, call for an appointment and open wide. By the way, their offices are meticulously clean. You might get COVID buying your toothbrush at a Walmart, but it’s unlikely you’ll get it from your dentist (who will give you a freebie anyway).

I recently felt a personal swelling of pride when my dentist stuck his (gloved) fingers in my mouth, pulled my lips back to my earlobes, and announced that I had “youthful gums”, “youthful” never being an adjective ever applied to any of my otherwise decrepit body parts.

“Fank foo!” I cheerily answered. Then he removed his fingers. I was about to launch into a brief informative lecture about gum health and longevity, but he was back in a flash with more fingers and more equipment so instead I’ll just write this Health Tip.

The first stage of gum inattention and neglect leads to gingivitis. While on the subject, gingiva is simply the medical term for gums. Yes, the condition could be called ‘gumitis’, but it’s not.

What is gingivitis... 

Longevity Medicine Series:

Did You Know We Offer Anti-Aging Infusion Therapy?

Health Benefits of Anti-Aging Infusion Therapy

  • Brain alertness and improved memory
  • Promotes health organ function
  • Skin & nerve health
  • Fights sun damage and other skin toxins
  • Boosts collagen

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Featured Supplements: Help Your Gums



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