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Longevity Medicine:

Your Intestinal Microbiome As A Predictor Of Longevity

Seriously folks, I really don’t believe conventional medicine knows much about your intestinal microbiome except, “Too many antibiotics cause diarrhea” and “C. difficle is really dangerous.” (Note: both conditions are iatrogenic, i.e., caused by doctors themselves). That’s the limit of what I was taught in medical school and residency and things haven’t progressed when I speak with a gastroenterologist.

Intestinal dysbiosis, the term for an imbalance of gut bacteria, has until recently and only in limited circles ever been seriously considered as a cause of any chronic illness, much less a situation associated with shortening your lifespan. To prove this point, here’s a Blue Cross memo denying insurance reimbursement for any testing of your microbiome status. To save reading time, scroll down on the link to #4 where it’s quite specific.

For me, it was working in Functional Medicine alongside chiropractors, naturopaths, and nutritionists, using tests like Comprehensive Stool Analyses that brought me up to speed microbiome-wise. The Naturopathic mantra, “All illness begins in the gut”, really began to have meaning.

Unless you (inadvertently) go out of the way to really muck up your microbiome with an unhealthy diet or an overuse of antibiotics, your one trillion intestinal bacteria undergo some normal changes from childhood to middle age, then settles back and does a lot more good than you imagine, like manufacturing vitamins and neurotransmitters.

Here’s a list of illnesses we now know for certain are associated with intestinal dysbiosis. Can they be totally “cured” by gut restoration? Not really. But virtually all of them will be considerably improved when you manage to get your microbiome back in balance and the lining of your gut healed again.

First, here’s a list of the usual suspects directly associated with your GI tract and your microbiome...

Longevity Medicine Series:

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