May, June, July: Covid, Ticks, Long Haul, Chronic Lyme, What Next?

Oh My!!

COVID-19 is certainly still with us. Last week, the U.S. death toll crossed the one million mark. Suburban Evanston returned to the high-risk zone for COVID transmission, yet much of Illinois, especially downstate, remains woefully unvaccinated (only 37% are VAXed and boosted). I receive at least three or four emails a day, variations on “flu-like symptoms, home-tested positive, what next?”.

The answer is rest, quarantine five days, treat symptoms (if you have them usually with Tylenol or ibuprofen, throat lozenges, cough syrup, etc.), and I can phone in the new antiviral, Paxlovid. If you have no symptoms, I wouldn’t use it; supplies are short. Paxlovid is not used to “keep on hand”, but rather to prevent mild COVID from becoming severe.

The Mayo Clinic website provides excellent guidelines for at-home COVID treatment including when to consider a trip to the emergency room.

Two years ago, the Federal Trade Commission warned all health care providers not to give any advice about COVID that had not been FDA approved. Literally overnight the word “COVID” was replaced by the words “Immune Support” and these have been our recommendations:

AND: If you can schedule an Immune Boost Infusion every 2-4 weeks, it would be helpful.

Now, As For The Ticks…


Healing Fibromyalgia

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