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Katie is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She is fascinated with the way these two energy modalities dovetail beautifully with one another.

Katie brings a solid foundation in holistic counseling and scientific research to her practice. In addition to offering Healing Touch and Shamanic Healing for adults, she works with children and animals, and provides energetic clearing for homes and offices. She is an instructor and qualified mentor for the Healing Touch Program. 

Before beginning her career in integrative medicine in 2003, she taught high school and college biology, raised four children, and worked as a hospice volunteer.


Power Path School of Shamanism (Shamanic Healing Practitioner; 2014), Santa Fe, NM
Healing Touch Program (HTCP; 2005; HTCI; 2013), San Antonio, TX
Northwestern University (MAT; Science Education; 1978), Evanston, IL
Smith College (BA; Biology; 1977), Northampton, MA


Healing Touch practitioners are recognized in hospitals and health care settings throughout the world as leaders in energy medicine. And today’s research in quantum physics is beginning to explain what indigenous people have known for thousands of years: matter, energy and spirit are intricately connected.

Katie encourages you to tap into your innate healing potential by addressing all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Healing Touch and Shamanic Healing can help you with:
Stress and pain management
Healing from acute illness, wounds, burns, and fractures
Preparation and recovery from surgery
Medical and dental procedures
Medication, chemotherapy, and radiation side-effects
Symptoms associated with chronic illness by addressing the “root cause”
Physical and emotional trauma
Anxiety, depression, and mental illness
Focus, productivity and creativity
Career transitions
Clarifying your life purpose
Nearing death awareness
Grief management
Spiritual connection

Katie’s work complements conventional healthcare. As your partner in healing, she makes referrals to other providers when necessary.

Katie also offers home and hospital visits, remote healing for individuals who are traveling or reside out of town, and workshops for adults and children.


Sessions can occur in person or remotely via phone or Skype. Katie will help you identify which modality, Healing Touch or Shamanic Healing, is the best fit for you.

She will gather information about your lifestyle, medical history, and any physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual concerns. Long-term and short-term goals for treatment will be identified. 

You will lie fully clothed on a treatment table. After assessing your energy, Katie will use a variety of techniques with her hands above or in light contact with your body to clear blockages and balance your energy system. When working remotely, Katie attunes to your energy body and the session proceeds just as if you were in the same room. 

With shamanic healing, a variety of additional tools are used, such as feathers and tobacco for clearing and protection, drums and rattles to facilitate shamanic journeys and soul retrieval, and the singing of icaros, healing songs which help you connect with your essence.

Re-assessment confirms that the clearing and balancing is complete.

You will likely experience deep relaxation and come away from each session with a higher level of comfort and insight. The frequency of sessions is determined on an individualized basis.


By appointment: In person sessions are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Remote sessions are offered any day of the week, as well as evenings.


“I believe that profound transformation is possible, both individually and globally, when we address the root cause of our illnesses and imbalances and take action energetically and holistically. Like a ripple on a pond, when we heal ourselves, our energy sends a vibration and frequency that is healing for others and helps to heal the world.  I look forward to being your partner in healing!”

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