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Patient education is an integral part of our practice. Here you will find a comprehensive collection of staff articles, descriptions of therapies and nutritional supplements, information addressing your health concerns, and the latest research on nutritional supplements and alternative therapies.

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Monthly Mindfulness Group
Sessions will include mindfulness meditations, guided visualizations, gentle yoga movements, walking meditations, journaling, and other stress reduction exercises.

Beginning September 14th, and following first Monday’s each month from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

$25/month or purchase 6 months for $125

Presented by Bill Epperly, Ph.D and Renee Zambo   More>>

Weight Loss Class the Qigong Way

Sunday, November 1
2:00 – 3:00 PM

Non-traditional weight loss techniques.

How would you like to lose weight and keep it off?  No gimmicks, honest!  Learn unique, non-traditional ancient Chinese techniques to help increase your metabolism and supports weight loss.

Contact Samson Wong at for more information and to register.


Recent Health Tips

  • Harvard Economists Warn (And So Do I): Beware Of Cowboy Doctors!

    Harvard Economists Warn (And So Do I): Beware Of Cowboy Doctors!

    At some time in your life you’ll be faced with the very painful decision-making processes discussed in today’s Health Tip. Most likely it will involve an aged relative, but because death and dying are so random, you might be making similar decisions about your life …Read More »
  • Make $112,500,000 In Your Bathtub!

    Make $112,500,000 In Your Bathtub!

    There’s a lot you can do with your bathtub besides soaking or playing with your duck collection. Edelberg family legend holds that during Prohibition, a granduncle of mine made gin. You yourself, with a little effort, could raise turtles or tilapia. But if you were …Read More »

Light Boxes on Sale During October


If the dark days of winter make you feel down and sluggish, or if you start to crave more carbs, gain weight, and exercise less, you may have SAD or one of its variations. More>>