Our Philosophy

We are a healthcare practice that strives to integrate the best of conventional and complementary medicine in a caring and healing environment.


We don’t give up easily. We work successfully with many patients who have not been helped by other physicians and medical centers. We don’t blame patients for their problems. Rather, we work with them to find a new path toward health.

We believe that both health and disease are functions of physical, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual influences.

As practitioners, we are actively involved in our own ongoing personal and professional development through continued study and self-care.

We believe the best healthcare draws on a broad array of tools to address the diverse elements that influence health.

We believe there are many ways to encourage our patients’ healing abilities, including many that are not yet considered conventional. We are leaders in the responsible introduction of new treatments and therapies that we believe can benefit our patients.

We believe many health issues are rooted in a patient’s personal biography–the story of your life–and are most effectively treated by addressing root causes rather than symptoms alone.

We believe that, as human beings, we have the inherent ability to assist in our own healing. Practitioners at WholeHealth Chicago are most effective in engaging patients in their healing process when the value systems and right to self-determination of patients are honored.

We believe our relationship with each patient is a genuine partnership. Your visit begins as we listen and try to understand not only your needs but the circumstances surrounding your symptoms.  Together, we then develop a healing path to help guide the patient to better health. Together, we share responsibility for the successful journey along that healing path.

We are passionate about helping our patients achieve their health goals.

Our practice adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards.

We believe that your total experience at WholeHealth Chicago should exceed your expectations. This includes interactions with our administrative staff and our billing department.

Our aim, whenever possible, is for you to feel better when you leave our office than when you arrived.