Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is the oldest form of spirituality and healing on the planet, dating back 25,000 years. The essential perspective of shamanism is that everything is alive and has its own spirit and awareness. Energy and matter are the same, and everything that exists is connected to everything else in a web of energy and life. Our health and wellbeing depend on being in harmony with this web.

How does it work?
Today’s research in quantum physics is beginning to explain what indigenous people have known for thousands of years. The intricate connection between matter, energy, and spirit animates us and, when balanced, provides optimum health.

Shamanic healing employs a deep connection with nature. It is based on the belief that each and every aspect of nature–including plants, animals, minerals, elements, and landforms–has its own energetic signature, or “medicine,” that can be accessed by the practitioner to move and transform energy.

During treatment, old patterns are released, making way for new patterns that resonate with your essence.  Shamanic healing can help you find relief from trauma, illness, pain, and stress. It also bolsters and maintains the health of mind, body, and spirit.

What can you expect?
In a shamanic healing session, a variety of centuries-old methods are used to help clear energy blockages, raise your energy frequency, and provide energetic protection, depending on what Spirit calls for.

The practitioner begins by visualizing you as Spirit in all your perfection. Feathers are used to realign your energy, tracing the energetic pathway from your feet and legs up through your torso, arms, and heart center to the top of your head to connect with Spirit.

Percussion instruments such as rattles and drums may be used to break up stuck energy and put you into a relaxed, slightly hypnotic state where you are able to gain wisdom and retrieve parts of yourself that have been left behind. This process, called soul retrieval, is especially helpful for clients who have experienced trauma. Sessions may also include guided imagery, extraction of non-resonant energy, and the use of tobacco for powerful clearing and protection.

Although it is never known exactly what will transpire during a healing, your practitioner will always sing icaros, which are indigenous songs of healing, protection, blessing, and gratitude.

At the end of a session, clients generally feel lighter, calmer, and more vibrant–all qualities that help support healing and the maintenance of good health.

Health benefits
Shamanic healing can be used to treat physical illness, stress, emotional concerns, and other life challenges. It is especially helpful for people who have experienced trauma or who are feeling unsure about the next steps they should take in their careers or relationships.

Shamanic healing supports people who have experienced or are struggling with:

  • Trauma.
  • Pain.
  • Chronic disease.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Grief.
  • The process of dying.

Clients often feel relief from symptoms, clarity about their life purpose, and a renewed connection with their higher self.  If you’re looking for an approach that will deepen your healing path and greatly support your life journey, shamanic healing is an exceptional choice.

Katie Oberlin