Advanced Practice Nurse

What is an Advanced Practice Nurse? Trained, Tested, Trusted…

Today, approximately 220,000 Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) practice in almost every setting and medical and surgical specialty, improving access to care for patients across the U.S. while providing invaluable care as either a clinical nurse specialist, certified registered nurse anesthetist, certified nurse midwife or as a certified nurse practitioner.

Advanced Practice Nurses are licensed certified health care professionals who practice medicine in Illinois through a written collaborative agreement with a physician colleague. APNs may only practice in accordance with his or her national certification and within the Illinois Nurse Act. At WholeHealth Chicago our APNs are certified Family Nurse Practitioners making them available to see the youngest and oldest members of your family.

Advanced Practice Nurses provide a variety of health care services including assessing, diagnosing and establishing treatment plans for simple and complex illnesses, ordering and interpreting tests, writing prescriptions, and providing counseling and health education on wide variety of topics. The services provided by APNs are through skills acquired in advanced nursing education training either at a Master’s or Doctorate level coupled with training and experience garnered as a registered nurse and through additional specialty training.

Wendy Ploegstra