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  1. Colleen Jersild says:

    Would like to know if you have any comments or suggestions about recovery from concussions. Our daughter was in an automobile accident 7 weeks ago, has made very little progress in recovery and has now been placed on disability at work until mid-January. She is suffering from headaches, sensitivity to light and to noise. The current medical recommendqtion for her is to rest the brain-no radio, TV, no computer, no reading, no housework, no multi-tasking. Is there anything else she can do?

    • cliffmaurer says:

      Hi Colleen –

      My name is Dr Maurer and I work a great deal with concussion patients at WholeHealth Chicago. As part of an integrative approach, most of my recommendations focus around brain rest, but with a goal of improving brain function so that patients can return to normal life as they allow their brains to essentially heal. I work with our physical therapist who sees patients and works on balance and coordination training, acupuncture can be helpful for recovery from concussion and post concussive syndrome, and our yoga therapist works one on one with patients dealing with the aftermath of concussion by teaching productive relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, body awareness activities and gentle movements to restore the interrupted brain/body connection. It can admittedly be a long road to recovery, but recovery ought to be steady and as measurable as possible. If your daughter is in the Chicago area, I would be happy to meet with her to see if I an my colleagues here at the center could be of help to her. Our front desk can be reached at 773-296-6700 and they can help arrange an appointment. If you live elsewhere, feel free to indicate where you are and I can make some recommendations for resources.

      Hope this helps!

      Dr M

  2. Melissa Mayfield says:

    I’m looking for someone who is very knowledgeable about taking vitamins. I’m currently taking Lenexapril for anxiety and panic attacks and depression. I’m tired of taking these prescribed medications and wanted to know if you have someone that’s knowledgeable on taking vitamins to help with these symptoms. I understand that sometimes we need prescribed medications but I would rather go with a more natural way to treat my symptoms.

    • cliffmaurer says:

      Hi Melissa – At WholeHealth Chicago, I suggest seeing either integrative nurse practitioner; Katie McManigal or Maureen Milota. If you’re not in the area, google the Institute for Functional Medicine to find like-minded clinicians.

      Best of luck,
      Dr M

  3. Sherry Karr says:

    I am not sure who to see. I have RA. Some brain fog and I mix my words sometimes. I think I suffer from stress. I had a car accident 25 years ago and had a brain injury. A rod and plate are in my leg. I do not take any meds just supplements. Which doc do I see.

    • Dr. R says:

      Sherry. If you are considering someone at WholeHealth Chicago, I’d suggest Dr. Edelberg, Dr. Gemelas, Dr. Scott, or Dr. Kelley. If you are not local to Chicago, check out the “find a physician” link on the Institute for Functional Medicine website.

    • Christy says:

      Motivationaldoc on YouTube search for him and anything thats ailing you! I promise you won’t be disappointed! He teaches how to treat and even heal all kinds of things naturally, with things we eat getting the right kinds of nutrients and suggests supplements if you can’t get them through the food. He’s literally saved my life. And don’t worry he doesn’t try to sell anything at all. Just trying to help the world and doing an amazing job at it!

  4. Gulfam says:

    Hi i hope you guys are doing well i just want to ask about my problem if somebody can help last year i was diagnosed with ibs through a local dr,i had an intestinal infection,after that i completed my course of antibiotics still it was not getting better,after that i did not had little pain in my tummy,since then my mouth taste and smells very bad and i got diagnosed for gerd i am eating nexium and lioresal for almost 4 months butstill the smell is there i got rid of smelly burps tho,i really cant sleep properly also if i dont sleep properly next day is worse for me,i feel depresed why all of the sudden it happend with just let me know what should i do which tests i need to do to get rid of this issue because i really sick of my problems please

    • cliffmaurer says:

      Hello, and thank you for your inquiry. This sounds like a complex case that warrants some investigation. Are you in the Chicago area? If so, please consider scheduling with one of our physicians or nurse practitioners. They can take a proper history and order some tests to help work this up.
      -Dr M

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