Internal Medicine Doctor Chicago IL

The Role of an Internal Medicine Doctor

Internal Medicine Doctor Chicago ILThere are many types of doctors, and you may be unclear as to the role of an internal medicine doctor Chicago IL offers for patients. At Whowe are often asked how an internal medicine doctor in Chicago IL differs from general practitioners or other doctors. What follows is a general overview. If you have reason to believe you may benefit from seeing a Chicago IL internal medicine doctor, give our office a call at 773.296.6700 to request an appointment.


Any doctor who focuses on medicine related to the adult body is known as an internist. This can be confusing because the name implies that they are only considered with the internal body. However, they diagnose and treat health issues that are external as well as internal. In fact, an internal medicine doctor Chicago IL community members turn to can treat a person’s whole body and not just their internal organs.

· An internist can care for the same patient in their late teens until they pass away in advanced age.
· An internist is not the same as a family or general medical practitioner.
· An internist does not deliver babies, treat children, and does not perform surgery.
· An internist devotes three years to studying the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that can affect an adult.
· An internist has a thorough understanding of complex diseases that can affect an adult.
· An internist is trained to diagnose and treat chronic illnesses, even if the patient is suffering from more than one illness simultaneously or concurrently.
· An internist is trained to recognize and control disease risk factors in patients and thereby help to prevent these diseases which include cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Common Conditions Diagnosed and Treated by an Internal Medicine Doctor Chicago IL Patients Trust

If you or a family member are suffering from any of the following conditions, they can be identified and treated by an internal medicine doctor Chicago IL residents choose.

· Respiratory diseases
· Heart diseases
· Vascular diseases
· Blood diseases or related issues
· Kidney diseases or related issues
· Rheumatologic issues
· Joint problems
· Digestive issues
· Urinary tract issues
· Hormonal issues
· Endocrine problems
· Infectious diseases
· Diabetes
· Mental health issues

Treatment from an Internal Medicine Doctor

If you are suffering from fatigue, the flu, or a more serious condition such as heart or lung disease, or diabetes, an internist can treat you. Our internists at [clinic name] work in conjunction with other medical professionals or subspecialists as needed for the wellbeing of the patient. Regardless of how simple or complex your health concern may be, an internist from our clinic can perform a comprehensive exam and provide medical guidance for your treatment and recovery. Even if you are not sure whether or not your health problem is serious, do not hesitate to make an appointment for an exam to receive confirmation. The alternative is to not come in and your condition may worsen and become even more serious over time.

We Care About Our Patients

If you would like to receive a diagnosis from an internal medicine doctor Chicago IL locals recommend, call our office today at 773.296.6700 to schedule an appointment with a medical professional who cares.