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The Treatment of Insomnia

Insomnia Doctor Chicago ILIf you have difficulty sleeping, an insomnia doctor Chicago IL locals recommend from WholeHealth Chicago may be able to help you. An inability to sleep can be significantly detrimental to one’s healthy. It can also make it difficult to function during the day or be productive due to feeling fatigued. The human body requires rest, and if a person is unable to sleep for an extended period of time due to insomnia, it can destroy their health. A Chicago IL insomnia doctor can address your insomnia and help you get the sleep you need.

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An insomnia doctor Chicago IL respects from WholeHealth can examine you and perform any necessary tests. In addition, by gaining a thorough understanding of your insomnia triggers your doctor can treat the causes rather than the symptoms. This allows for a greater likelihood of long term success decreasing or eliminating your sleeplessness. If you require additional treatment for the causes of your insomnia such as for depression, anxiety, or an illness, you can receive a referral to a respected and trusted specialists.

Behavioral and Cognitive Insomnia Treatments

After your insomnia doctor Chicago IL community members rely on from our clinic performs a thorough exam and any necessary tests, your treatment strategy will emerge. This will vary by person because everyone’s circumstances are different as will the underlying causes of their insomnia. Some of the more common treatments that do not involve drugs are:

  •         Relaxation training. Otherwise known as progressive muscle relaxation, this is a way for people to learn how to control the tenseness and relaxation of their muscles throughout their body. This can make it easier for someone with insomnia to fall asleep. Relaxation therapy can include meditation, mindfulness exercises, guided imagery, and breathing exercises. Relaxation music played while in bed can also be effective for combating insomnia.
  •         Sleep restriction. By not taking naps, always sleeping in the same, familiar and safe place, and using other techniques, insomnia can be resolved.
  •         Stimulus control. This is a technique of limiting sounds, sights, and activities in the bedroom that are counter to a relaxed state necessary for falling asleep. For example, not using a computer, only going to bed to immediately sleep, and getting out of bed if one wakes up and cannot go back to sleep after at least 20 minutes. It also requires an inflexible sleep schedule in terms of when to go to bed and when to wake up.
  •         Cognitive behavioral therapy. An insomnia doctor in Chicago IL from WholeHealth Chicago may recommend behavioral changes such as maintaining a strict schedule for bedtime, not taking a nap, and other habits. What is required is determining what lifestyle choices may be negatively impacting the ability to sleep, leading to insomnia.

Relief from an Insomnia Doctor Chicago IL Residents Choose

The inability to consistently sleep well is not only frustrating, it can also wreak havoc on one’s health. Discover the medically proven solutions that can end your insomnia. Call us at WholeHealth Chicago at 773.296.6700 to meet with an insomnia doctor Chicago IL offers.