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Understanding Hormone Therapy

Hormone Doctor Chicago ILYou may be considering visiting a hormone doctor Chicago IL locals recommend. Our Chicago IL hormone doctor at WholeHealth Chicago has helped many women in our community who suffered from various ailments. After performing a comprehensive exam, a hormone doctor in Chicago IL from our clinic can recommend whether or not hormone therapy is a viable treatment for you.

What is hormone therapy?

A hormone doctor Chicago IL patients appreciate for their deep understanding of women’s health issues may also refer to hormone therapy as hormonal therapy or even anti-hormone therapy. Hormone therapy is a medical treatment for various conditions including menopause and gender transition, through the use of hormones.  

What are the benefits of hormone therapy?

The benefits can vary by patient and by which therapy is used. A hormone doctor Chicago IL community members turn to may treat a patient using low-dose vaginal estrogen or systemic hormone therapy. Your physician can provide you detailed information about each, as well as the pros and cons. Here is some general information about both types of therapies:

  • Systemic hormone therapy or systemic estrogen. This has been proven to be the most effective treatment for women who suffer from night sweats and hot flashes during menopause. It can also provide relief for itching, dryness, and burning sensations. In some cases, a doctor may prescribe this treatment for patients with osteoporosis, which is a bone thinning disease. The treatment comes in many forms: spray foam, cream, pill, skin patch, and gel.
  •  Low-dose vaginal preparations. This form of estrogen is available in ring form, tablets, and cream. It works by minimizing absorption into the body while treating some types of urinary symptoms as well as vaginal symptoms. However, it is not effective for patients suffering from osteoporosis, hot flashes, or night sweats.

What are the risks of undergoing hormone therapy?

After an exam and a review of your health concerns, a hormone doctor Chicago IL residents choose from our clinic can review the potential risks specific to your condition. For some patients, the risks of hormone therapy include the possibility of developing heart disease, suffering a stroke, breast cancer, and blood clots.

Risk factors are:

  •         Whether or not estrogen was taken alone or with a progestin
  •         Current age and age at time menopause began
  •         Type and dosage of estrogen
  •         Family medical history
  •         Risk of cardiovascular disease

Should you consider hormone therapy?

Many women who suffer from debilitating menopausal symptoms seek relief through systemic estrogen treatments. You may benefit from undergoing hormone therapy if you suffer from any of the following conditions or symptoms:

  •         Moderate to severe hot flashes
  •         The loss of bone mass and ineffective results from other types of treatment
  •         Experienced premature menopause
  •         Discomfort or debilitation due to other menopausal symptoms such as insomnia

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