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Understanding the Role of a Clinical Psychologist Chicago IL Offers

Clinical Psychologist Chicago ILA clinical psychologist in Chicago IL residents choose from WholeHealth Chicago can play an important role in achieving wholeness in one’s life. With a fuller understanding of what can be achieved by working with a Chicago IL clinical psychologist, you may find value in exploring this possibility. We encourage you to consider making an appointment with a clinical psychologist in Chicago IL from our clinic to see if it may benefit you.

What is a clinical psychologist?

Many people are confused about the role that a clinical psychologist plays in the mental health field. Depending on the needs of the patient, a clinical psychologist in Chicago IL who patients trust can work with them one-on-one, or sessions can take place within a group setting. Clinical psychologists can diagnose and treat patients for a wide variety of mental disorders and issues.

What is the approach of a clinical psychologist and other types of psychologists?

The primary difference is that a clinical psychologist in Chicago IL offers patients can treat them for abnormal psychology. In addition:

· By law, clinical psychologists cannot prescribe medication. Only psychiatrists can prescribe medication for psychiatric issues. However, there are some exceptions to this which can be detailed by a clinical psychologist in Chicago IL community members turn to for help.
· A clinical psychologist receives guidance from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which is published by the American Psychological Association when determining a diagnosis for their patients.
· Each patient is unique because every person is unique, as are their circumstances, mental health issues, and other challenges. For these reasons, a clinical psychologist in Chicago IL will develop a treatment plan suited for each individual as per what they need in order to recover.
· A clinical psychologist in Chicago IL is one who has completed a four year university degree in psychology. A registered psychologist has also completed two years of supervised clinical experience. By comparison, a clinical psychologist must also complete a two year master’s degree in addition to the training and education that a psychologist undergoes.
· A clinical psychologist in Chicago IL undergoes continuing education every year. Some clinical psychologists have also earned a doctorate of clinical psychology, obtaining a PhD in the process and as such are referred to as a doctor.

What procedures does a clinical psychologist in Chicago IL use?

This will vary from one clinical psychologist to the next and will be influenced by the unique needs of each individual patient. However, these general principles will apply:

1. Assessment of the patient. A clinical psychologist in Chicago IL will diagnose the patient in the initial and subsequent sessions. They will assess their client’s behavior. They will also administer and interpret test measures from a psychological standpoint.
2. Intervention of the patient’s behavior on primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. On a practical level this means offering clinical services to the patient as well as to families and even groups who seek counseling.
3. A clinical psychologist in Chicago IL will consult with professional colleagues who can provide insight from a behavioral health perspective for the good of the patient.
4. A clinical psychologist in Chicago IL will research pertinent issues as they relate to the patient’s mental health concerns. They will seek parallel information along the lines of accepted knowledge and science related to treating their patients using accepted methods of clinical psychology.

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