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Your Favorite Chocolate – Now 20% Off!

In the spirit of Halloween, all Righteously Raw chocolates will be on sale all October long. Instead of sneaking candy from the bowl for trick-or-treaters, treat yourself to a decadent handmade dark chocolate!

Organic ◆ Raw ◆ Vegan ◆ Gluten-Free ◆ Kosher

To help you make the most of this great deal, we’ve even added a few new flavors to the line-up!  Stop in to try one (or three) of these great new varieties. Please keep in mind the unseasonably warm weather when considering shipping — we’d hate fror you to miss out, but chocolate does melt?

Our old favorites:

83% Pure Dark Cacao Bar
90% Cacao Caramel Bar
Maca Superfood Bite
Coconut & Cacao Macaroon

Our newest additions:

83% Cacao Pure Dark Bite
Rose Superfood Bite
Caramel Mouthful
Brownie Mouthful

Righteously Raw Chocolates are pure, raw organic chocolate, antioxidant rich taste delights made with love, positive energy, and human hands in their own facility.

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