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One of the tragedies of this American life is that having an illness will financially drain the patient. Even those fortunate enough to have health insurance find themselves writing seemingly endless checks for ‘co-payments’ and ‘non-covered benefits.’

WholeHealth Chicago’s previous ‘Day for Mari’ raised a wonderful amount of money, over ten thousand dollars, in fact. More than we expected and we were all very misty-eyed being able to help our co-founder (a very young Mari scheduled our first patients back in 1993).

Ben Edelberg (Dr. E’s son), an artist living in Toronto, has known Mari his entire life. “I have never not known Mari,” and from Mari over the years.. “Ben’s in high school? He was just a toddler.” “Ben’s in college? David, we’re getting old.” “Ben? Grad school?”

So Ben, being an artist with not a lot of money, is offering for sale five paintings from a recent series called “Cairo, IL” (a very exotic locale to Torontonians).

The five acrylic paintings can be viewed here. The paintings are offered at $750 (less than gallery price) with Mari receiving $375 for each painting sold. This price includes FedEx shipping from Toronto.


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