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Advanced Practice Nurse Chicago IL Advanced Practice Nurses Chicago IL Patients Trust for Preventative Care

Accessing an advanced practice registered Nurse (APRN) can have a number of benefits. There are a wide variety of settings where you will find an APRN working. Chicago IL advanced practice nurses can provide patients with primary care in lieu of seeing a physician. This can occur in a vast array of settings such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, and even in the privacy of your own home.

An advanced practice nurse has an immense amount of knowledge when it comes to a patient’s medical care and often is a preferred way to receive treatment. That is why so many Chicago IL area residents are choosing WholeHealth Chicago for preventative care.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) can perform a number of the same duties that a doctor does. They are able to diagnose illnesses, order and interpret tests, and prescribe medications to patients. While doctors may spend a number of years focusing on one area of practice, an APRN usually is more generalized in their training.

An advanced practice nurse is an option for people who are seeking treatment for basic ailments and illnesses while you may choose a Chicago IL doctor for more complex medical procedures like surgery. There are several types of advanced practice nurses in the medical field such as:

1. Nurse practitioner: Also referred to as a primary care practitioner, many patients pursue preventative care from a nurse practitioner. In this way, they can receive guidance for routine health maintenance and health problems that may develop in their lives. Care from a nurse practitioner will involve examinations and diagnostic tests as needed. They can also receive regular checkups from an advanced practice nurse Chicago IL locals recommend.

2. Certified nurse-midwife: A nurse midwife is a nurse who provides prenatal care for the expecting mother throughout the term of their pregnancy. They may also provide care for the baby after its birth. Primarily, nurse midwives deliver babies who may do this on their own, or they work in conjunction with a physician or other midwives.

3. Nurse anesthetist: In this area, nurse anesthetists provide patient care during surgery in the operating room. Their duties may include administering medication to the patient in advance of surgery for pain prevention and to put them asleep. They may also monitor the patient’s vital signs during the surgery to make sure they are responding as expected. It’s also not unusual for the nurse anesthetist to provide immediate post-operative care. An advanced practice nurse Chicago IL patients trust receives specialized training in order to provide this type of care.

4. Clinical nurse specialist: In this role, the nurse will work as part of a medical care team that encompasses multiple disciplines. The clinical nurse specialist may attend patient rounds with the other members of the care team and perform diagnostic tests. They may also participate in decisions about the medical care of their patients. A clinical nurse specialist can choose to provide a wide range of medical care services as a general care medical provider. Or, they may choose to sub-specialize and provide a higher degree of care in certain areas. A clinical nurse specialist may attend to patients after surgery while they are still in the hospital. They may even see their patients after they leave the hospital and continue their recovery at home. During that time they will manage the patient’s health post-operation and manage any issues that may develop, including making adjustments to medications and physical rehabilitation.

The Benefits of Receiving Care from an APRN

Advanced practice nurses can be more accessible than a traditional doctor. There are a number of benefits to choosing an advanced practice nurse for primary care:

– Advanced practice registered nurses work well with medical teams. They can be flexible in their care by tailoring it to fit your needs.

– They will not just treat your ailments with a prescription. They will dig deeper to identify the root of the problem. They can conduct physicals, administer diagnostic testing, evaluate a person’s psychological well-being, and determine a course of treatment.

– If they experience something that is beyond their ability or level of expertise, an APRN can refer a patient to a more specialized physician.

– Some APRNs may even be able to provide in-home medical care to patients who are not able to leave their homes.

– They are capable of treating and diagnosing illnesses in the same manner as a doctor. This will allow for you to build a solid working relationship with your provider.

– Advanced practice nurses can also serve as a lead for registered nurses to rely on. An RN can consult with an advanced practice nurse when it comes to providing patient care and treatment.

– People feel comfortable with advanced practice nurses because of their experience and their caring approach.

An advanced practice nurse Chicago IL residents depend on can be found working within the medical field in various ways. By choosing WholeHealth Chicago you are giving yourself permission to begin taking care of your health in a preventative and holistic way. We will work with you to develop a plan of care that targets your health goals and provide you with treatment that does not take a one-size fits all approach.

If you would like to know more about how an advanced practice nurse Chicago IL offers from WholeHealth Chicago may be able to help you and your family, give us a call to schedule a consultation.