Valarie McConville :: Occupational Therapy

Valarie McConville


Valarie McConville graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Kinesiology and earned her MS of Occupational Therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University. Valarie has worked in a variety of settings as an occupational therapist, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, home health, and skilled nursing facilities. She also completed 200-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training and strategically applies meditation, postures, and breath to movement practices in her OT treatments.

Valarie uses a mind-body approach to integrate her patients back into their daily living routines.  She recognizes that often it’s our activities that define us. Valarie will consider a range of physical, cognitive, and environmental factors involved in performing your desired activities.  Treatments may include physical strengthening, cognitive training, or activity modification/adaptation in order to safely reintegrate and return you to meaningful living.


  • If you’re having difficulty completing day-to-day activities (at work, home, in the community).
  • If activities are more difficult to complete due to a physical, cognitive, or social impairment.
  • If you suffered an injury and would benefit from a specialized exercise program.
  • If you’re interested in increasing your level of physical activity.
  • If stress, pain, and/or depression are having an impact on engaging in activities.


Meeting with Valarie for the first time is a collaborative process for establishing goals toward improving your participation in desired activities. Expect a heightened sense of body awareness related to postures that will protect your muscles and joints when you’re doing activities within your environment. Valarie will provide recommendations and strategies for gradually increasing physical activity levels and performing prescribed exercises (physical or cognitive) related to the goals that you and she have established.