Sarah Langthorne :: LMT, Asian Body Therapy


Sarah is a graduate of Chicago’s Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she studied a variety of Eastern and Western massage modalities, allowing her to provide well-rounded treatments catered to individual needs. Sarah has worked both in relaxing spa environments and the high-intensity world of athletics. This breadth of experience allows her to adjust treatment strategies to fit a broad range of health ailments.

Sarah grew up with a background in dance, theater, and martial arts, which opened her eyes at a young age to the wonders of both the mind/body connection and the fascinating mechanisms of movement. She has worked and trained with many types of athletes over the years, giving her valuable insight into treatments for different body types, attitudes, and daily routines. She believes massage is not only important for physical health, but is a necessary aid for all levels of the healing process.

Her specialties include Tui Na (Chinese massage), myofascial therapy, trigger point release, cupping, Gua Sha, reflexology, and Thai massage.


Massage is a key tool in preventive care, especially useful if you:

— Want relief from specific issues such as chronic pain, digestive disorders, headaches, and fatigue.
— Are suffering from the effects of stress, anxiety, insomnia, or depression.
— Have any type of physical ailment, from TMJ or tendonitis to carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain.
— Are looking to speed your recovery from an injury, be it chronic, acute, or repetitive.
— Are seeking an outlet for relaxation or your body and spirit simply need a little boost.

Other specialties include:

  • An intensive study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including the theories of how qi, blood, and fluids move through the body for increased circulation and wellness.
  • Extensive training in the application of topical formulas and liniments to decrease pain and speed local healing.
  • Training in Reiki, a Japanese energetic system of gentle healing.
  • Personal knowledge of different movement therapies, including yoga and qi gong, which are useful in physical evaluation and in the arrangement of specialized treatment plans.


Because the needs of each body and individual vary, a wide range of evaluation and treatment strategies will potentially be used in each session. These can include manual muscle testing, gait and posture evaluation, range of motion testing, and a visual/physical assessment of imbalances in the body.

The treatment itself will be customized for you based on the therapeutic goals set for the session.


Mondays by appointment.


“I believe that it is the healer’s responsibility to empower each patient on his/her healing journey. My only job when working with you is to listen to your body so I can best provide the support it needs to heal itself.”