Neeti Sharma :: Internal Medicine


Neeti Sharma, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine physician specializing in integrative and functional medicine. Over the course of her career she has worked at multiple hospitals and clinics and has been a part of internal medicine residency faculty, helping shape future physicians. She received her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from University of Washington, Seattle, her MD from Windsor University School of Medicine, and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at West Suburban Medical Center.

Dr. Sharma’s interest in an integrative approach began as she recognized that mainstream medicine was not designed to understand and cure the underlying cause of a patient’s chronic health condition, but rather to serve more as a Band-Aid. She is passionate about learning, continuing her integrative medicine education at the University of Arizona Integrative Health Fellowship under Andrew Weil, MD, and the Institute of Functional Medicine under Mark Hyman, MD.

Dr. Sharma believes that each patient’s interaction with the physical world is complex and unique. Today’s healthcare model uses a two-dimensional view to look at the complexities of a three-dimensional patient. The integrative approach helps patients understand their own physiology and also how the three dimensions of mind-body-spirit connect to both health and disease.

She believes that the manifestations of physiological disease are preceded by a dysfunction that may be experienced by patients as vague symptoms or simply “not feeling like themselves.” The premise of the integrative/functional approach is that our bodies are trying to keep us in balance and when imbalance occurs we will hear the warning signals long before we see the dysfunction’s full manifestation as a disease. This time between dysfunction and disease is the golden period, where working with a practitioner to move back into balance can prevent the disease from manifesting completely.

Dr. Sharma has received many awards and accolades for patient satisfaction during her time at the Franciscan Hospital system. She is compassionate, kind, and a good listener. Through her own struggle with burn-out in the conventional medicine model, her passion and belief in the integrative/functional model strengthened.

“I believe that emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health is available and within reach to most who wish to live a full and happy life in this world of chaos. I help patients achieve this, if they are willing to go on a journey of self-discovery and recovery.”


  • If you want to optimize your health and have the satisfaction of feeling that you have lived your best health
  • If issues with energy, fatigue, and brain fog have not been explained by a conventional medical
  • If you have a chronic medical condition that you would like to take a deeper look into in order to determine the root cause and review treatment
  • If you want a partner in your health journey who will help you sift through all the information available and focus on what will work for you.


A very detailed initial visit, focusing on you and your unique emotional, mental, physical, and social state.

A review of your medical story that integrates a holistic perspective with a physical exam to collect further information about your current health state.

A discussion of systems-based issues such as hormones, nutritional deficiency, toxin loads, gut pathology, and the like.

Testing to help us hone in on confirming a diagnosis and prioritizing our treatment protocol.

A wellness protocol individualized for you and your concerns.

Referrals to other practitioners.


Monday through Thursday


“Our health is truly our greatest asset. Without it, on the last hour of our last day, we will be full of regret not because of the ailments but because of the unlived potential we once saw in ourselves. I want to help patients change the trajectory of their lives, so that with health of mind, body, and spirit they are filled with vibrancy, strength, and tenacity to live a life that is full and rich.”