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Marla is an experienced Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), and a Licensed Dietician Nutritionist (LDN) in the state or Illinois. She holds a M.S in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and a B.S in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology with a cognate in nutrition from Michigan State University.

Marla specializes in helping clients make diet and lifestyle changes to improve health and vitality, inflammatory conditions, hypertension, diabetes, digestive conditions, fibromyalgia, food sensitivities, metabolic syndrome, and fatigue. She studied and worked at the Wingate Institute in Israel, one of the world’s leading facilities for exercise science and research.

Marla specializes with the Whole Health Chicago Doctors in nutritional testing such as Organic acids, Digestive Stools Analysis, Adrenal, and Neurotransmitters.  She also attends seminars regularly to stay current with the latest advancements in the treatment of chronic illness through therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle therapy.
Marla was a professional chef for many years.  Developing recipes and easy menu plans for all nutritional needs are her strong suit. You can even bring your loved one. Marla enjoys working with families and parents to educate them about eating and living well for good health.


One-on-one counseling and education regarding diet, nutrition, movement, vitamin, and supplement plans. Nutritional programs are catered to individualize lifestyle and medical needs. Marla works closely with Drs. Edelberg, Kelley, Rubin, Mauer, and the entire Whole Health Chicago staff to create a nutrition program that addresses her clients’ unique requirements, from weight-loss to diabetes and heart disease. Follow-up visits will keep you on track.


Marla offers workshops including Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle and Eating Healthy. She also guides grocery shopping tours, with specific recommendations for buying healing foods on a budget while showing you how to stock your home with foods that pack the greatest nutritional punch (they’re delicious too). Marla will even conduct a “pitch party” at your home to clear out foods that spell trouble for your weight and health.


By Appointment Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. E-mail and phone consultations available.


“It’s never too late in life to make nutritional and lifestyle changes that lead to feeling well and healthy. The foods we eat and the way we live our lives have a tremendous impact on our day-to-day wellness. My goal is to provide realistic solutions for achieving peak nutrition and vibrant health. Nutritional adjustments are one of the most effective ways to fight chronic illness, whether it’s pain, fatigue, or high inflammation. All you need is the desire. I’ll show you how making a few easy changes can affect your outlook and health today, tomorrow, and in the years to come. I look forward to working with you!”

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