Andrea Lee :: Gynecology


Dr. Andrea Lee is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist who recently joined WholeHealth Chicago after practicing in a community health center for the past 17 years. Dr Lee has cared for a wide range of patients, from immigrants and others underserved by the health care system to those in near-poverty, self-employed artists, and those working in small businesses.

Dr Lee is a graduate of Northwestern University. She attended medical school at Southern Illinois University, where she was in one of the first classes to study medicine in the pioneering “problem-based curriculum,” which focused from day one on actual patients and their real-life concerns. She did her residency training at Georgetown University. Dr Lee is a mother of three and in her free time likes to play soccer, knit, and read. She’s attempting to learn guitar (left-handed – Jimi Hendrix style!).

Over her years of caring for women, Dr Lee has observed the integral connection between mind, body, and social conditions and the health and well-being of her patients.  Observing that most illnesses women have can be treated and prevented with lifestyle changes, lifestyle and preventive medicine have been a primary focus. In particular, Dr Lee has seen tremendous health gains in her patients when they improve movement and exercise, enhance nutrition, and mitigate/improve social conditions through meditation/mindfulness and other stress-reduction techniques.

She has always approached her patients with a view to the whole person, and has continued her learning beyond traditional western medicine because of its focus almost exclusively on the physical. Dr Lee completed the Integrative Scholars Program through Northwestern University’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and continues to pursue further studies in functional and integrative medicine. She has also studied and practices mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Dr Lee is interested in helping woman with menstrual irregularities and chronic conditions of the genital, pelvic, and abdominal regions. She also has an interest in working with women as they transition through the natural life changes that accompany menstruation and menopause, with a focus on lifestyle, mindfulness, and natural methods to alleviate symptoms.

Dr. Lee will also care for other co-existing general primary medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, gastrointestinal concerns, and insomnia, and depression and anxiety in conjunction with a counselor or therapist.


If you are looking for a practitioner who really listens to you and hears your whole story.

If you want a doctor who works in partnership with you to uncover the causes of your chronic conditions and contributing factors in your life that play a role in your illness.

If you want to better understand and embrace the changes your body goes through as you age.

If you are interested in and open to non-traditional/alternative approaches to healing and wellness, and you feel that the gynecologic care you have been receiving is not in harmony with, or is actually in opposition to, such alternative therapies.


A partner in helping you achieve your optimal state of well-being.

A partner to help you navigate the healthcare system.

A partner to discuss options and help you make the best choices, leading to better quality of life.


Preconception counseling and family planning
Contraceptive management, including IUD insertion
Well-woman exam
Consultation on uterine fibroids/endometriosis/PCO
Endometrial and vaginal biopsies
Colposcopies to follow up on abnormal Pap smears
Bartholin abscesses
Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
Genetic counseling
Breast concerns
Basic infertility work-up
Incontinence management, including pessary fitting