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Dr. Alaina Gemelas is a chiropractic physician specializing in functional medicine. She takes a whole-body approach to uncover the root causes contributing to what ails you. Dr. Gemelas’ interest in systems-based medicine began early in her medical career when conventional approaches failed to address the symptoms she was experiencing. But working with a functional medicine-trained physician she experienced a radical shift in her health, and this fueled her passion for helping others find transformative solutions.

Dr. Gemelas is deeply committed to shattering the mold of conventional medicine by collaborating with her patients on individualized, patient-centered solutions to prevent and treat chronic illness and optimize health.

Dr. Gemelas is active in continuing education programs and is currently training for board certification in internal medicine and certification in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is also continuing her education in nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture, functional diagnostics, orthopedics, and rehabilitation. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Purdue University, board certification in chiropractic medicine, board certification in clinical nutrition, and certification in acupuncture.


  • If you are experiencing health concerns that have not received a diagnosis or have been tough to treat such as chronic pain or fatigue, hormonal imbalance, gastrointestinal issues, and mood/nerve disorders
  • If you are looking to achieve your best health though lifestyle, diet, and therapies that may be right for you
  • If you wish to work with a primary care provider who will spend time to get to know and partner with you to keep you well


  • A review of your current symptoms and medical history as well as a thorough examination, diagnostic testing and treatment when appropriate
  • Determination of the root causes of symptoms
  • An individualized treatment plan that addresses your specific condition
  • A partnership in your healthcare and a guide through the many options available for addressing illness.
  • An integrative team approach to your healthcare with the practitioners at WholeHealth Chicago


By appointment Monday through Friday

From Dr. Gemelas:

While my aim is to help you get to and address the root cause of disease, my goal is to help you create lasting vitality to the point of eliminating the need for a physician at all!