October Sale: 20% Off Wax Out Wax products

Way Out Wax has been crafting natural, pure essential oil aromatherapy candles for decades. They’ll be leaving our shelves soon, so make sure to stock up while they’re 20% off this October! Quantities are limited.

Please click here to see what candles and sprays are still available. If you don’t see your favorite candle in stock online, please call us at 773-296-6700 to see if there are any left!

Clean Air Odor Neutralizer Candle  to neutralize offending odors, not just mask them (available in large travel tin).

Clean Air Tropical Citrus Spray  lime, orange and pink grapefruit are added to their proprietary blend to neutralize offending odors, not just mask them.

Clear Head Candle  stimulating blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary to open the mind & encourage focus (available in pillar).

Escentual Love Candle  sensual blend of lavender, rosewood and patchouli to ignite passion and inspire romance (available in large travel tin or pillar).

Fragrance-Free Candle  provides ambiance without aroma (available as large travel tin).

Lavender Candle  calming lavender soothes and opens the heart, while easing tension (available in large travel tin or pillar).

Sage Candle  cleansing sage calms emotions with a refreshing herbal aroma (available in large travel tin).

Sweet Dreams Candle  soothing blend of lavender, lemongrass or marjoram to calm the nerve and release tension (available in large travel tin).

All Way Out Wax candles are on sale for 20% during the month of October while supplies last.

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