September Sale: 20% Off Four Elements Organic Herbal Teas

Four Elements Herbals has been operating an organic farm in Central Wisconsin and producing award-winning products for nearly 30 years. Great hot or cold, their full line of organic herbal tea blends are 20% off this September in the WHC Apothecary.

After Dinner Fennel Mint Tea – to comfort and support healthy digestion

Joy, Love & Passion Tea – traditional herbs for the heart in a deliciously complex, floral blend

Minus Sinus Tea – helping people to ease through the changing seasons

Peace, Harmony & Tranquility Tea – for encouraging a sense of calm

Peppermint Nettle Tea – a refreshing beverage after a meal or for a pick-me-up any time of day

Power, Energy & Stamina Tea – a delicious, enriching tea with antioxidant and adaptogenic properties

To Your Health Tea – fortifying to keep your defenses functioning all year round

Triple Lemon Tea – a delicious, nourishing and calming experience

Tulsi Telepa Tea – offers a centering clarity

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