June Sale: 20% Off Ortho Molecular Products

A local company based here in Illinois, Ortho Molecular Products has been offering high-quality formulas to health care professionals for over 25 years. Always innovating, more and more of their exciting new products have been making their way onto the shelves of WholeHealth Chicago’s Natural Apothecary in recent months.

Enjoy 20% off the following Ortho Molecular products for the month of June:

Bergamot BPF – contains a powerful and unique array of cholesterol-balancing and cardio-protective polyphenolic flavonoids

EstroDIM – includes the combined power of two metabolites to support estrogen balance

D-Hist Jr. – seasonal support for kids

CDG EstroDIM – promotes healthy estrogen metabolism and estrogenic activity

Evening Primrose Oil – provides gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid for a number of diverse health benefits

Myo Malate – magnesium with malic acid, important for maintaining energy within muscle tissue

Ortho Biotic – a carefully assembled cast of probiotic organisms

SBI Protect Capsules – dairy-free source of IgG to help maintain a healthy intestinal immune system

SBI Protect Powder – dairy-free source of IgG to help maintain a healthy intestinal immune system

Sintrol – developed for people who suffer from sinus-related issues

Super Aloe 250 – for bowel regularity

Vascuzyme – enzymes to quickly support muscle, cartilage, and tendon tissue

Vitamin K2 180mcg – provides an optimal, soy-free dose of vitamin K2 in the MK-7 form

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2 comments on “June Sale: 20% Off Ortho Molecular Products
  1. Jennifer Seguancia says:

    I would like to purchase some orthomolecular product and take advantage of the sale

  2. Dr. R says:

    Sorry Jennifer. This sale occurred for the month of June as stated in the blog.

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