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Celebrate the arrival of spring with 20% off Four Elements Organic Herbals this March. Based in central Wisconsin, Four Elements has been dedicated to organic growing for nearly three decades. We offer a wide variety of their products, including premium handmade soaps, luxurious moisture creams, refreshing herbal teas, and all-natural lip balms.

Soaps handmade in small batches made with herbs from their own farm and organic oils
Detoxify Soap – a cooling, clarifying soap
Double Lavender Soap – a gently, mildly deodorizing soap for sensitive, overexposed or mature skin
LOOK, NO X MA! Soap – extra-gentle to cleanse delicate skin and help maintain healthy skin function
Sandalwood Ginseng Soap – a sensual blend of exotic spices and aromatic woods with a gentle skin-softening exfoliant
Tulsi Holy Basil Soap – centering and relaxing to provide a cleansing element to your daily purification ritual

Functional and moisturizing creams – some of our favorites!
Arnica Capsicum Moisture Cream – supports energetic joints and muscles
LOOK, NO X MA! Cream – gentle enough for babies yet effective enough for larger issues
Rose Comfrey Moisture Cream – for silky skin and inner radiance
Very Close Vein Cream – herbs and essential oils all renowned for maintaining healthy blood flow and vein health

Herbal teas made with their hand-harvested organic herbs and packaged in oxygen-bleached paper
After Dinner Fennel Mint Tea – to comfort and support healthy digestion
Joy, Love & Passion Tea – deliciously complex, floral blend with traditional herbs for the heart
Minus Sinus Tea – their best-selling tea to help ease people through winter and the changing seasons
Peace, Harmony & Tranquility Tea – for encouraging a sense of calm
Peppermint Nettle Tea – refreshing peppermint with several herbs to make a great pick-me-up
Power, Energy & Stamina Tea – a delicious, enriching tea with antioxidant and adaptogenic properties to fortify the body
To Your Health Tea – a fortifying tea to keep your defenses functioning on a keen level all year round
Triple Lemon Tea – for a delicious, nourishing and calming experience
Tulsi Telepa Tea – offers a centering clarity

Multi-purpose and specialty topicals in a base of olive oil and beeswax
Black & Blue Balm – a classic bruise herb in a topical ointment (while supplies last)
Fun-Gal Salve – anti-funky herbs to promote healthy skin (while supplies last)

 Organic, all-natural lip balms based in Wisconsin beeswax (available in-store only)
Calendula Orange Lip Balm – the effective skin benefits of calendula complemented with a sunny citrus flavor
Holy Basil Lap Balm – delightfully refreshing with the centering, balancing and ground effects of holy basil
Lemon Lip Balm – emollient lip balm featuring fresh and health-promoting lemon balm

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Get health recommendations, recipes, medical news, supplement reviews, birthday discounts, and more!

Upcoming Workshops

**Winter Solstice Celebration: An evening of Acupuncture and Shamanic Healing
Tuesday, December 17, 5:45–7:30pm
Hosted by Katie Oberlin, HTCP and Mari Stecker, LAc

Course Fee: $75.00

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to enter the stillpoint of the Winter Solstice, reflect on the lessons of 2019, and set intentions for the new year. This will be an evening of individual and group healing, ceremony, and celebration. More →

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