February Sale: 20% Off True Botanica’s AKBA Plus and Berberine Plus

AKBA Plus is the richest, full-spectrum frankincense formula available. The main active ingredient is boswellia (AKBA), the most potent natural 5-lipoxygenase enzyme inhibitor. This enzyme is crucial in maintaining a normal inflammatory response.

AKBA promotes high energy levels and:

  • A healthy respiratory system.
  • Improved joint function with a good range of motion and less stiffness.
  • Digestive tract health.


Berberine Plus is the fullest-spectrum barberry root formula available. It contains high amounts of the naturally occurring berberine alkaloid, the actual complete natural root, standardized extracts of the main active ingredients, and rhythmically prepared ash and salts derived from the root. The result is a truly holistic formula.

Berberine Plus promotes:

  • A normal blood sugar level.
  • Strong heart function.
  • Normal cholesterol levels.
  • A normal inflammatory state.
  • Healthy bile output and digestion.
  • A healthy mood response.
  • Increased workout and exercise effectiveness.

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