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The following programs are open for registration now at WholeHealth Chicago:

The Dragon’s Way: Weight Loss and Stress Management Program

Program information:
The Dragon’s Way program consists of 6 weekly 1 hour classes. The first and last class will be 1½ hours.

Dragon’s Way classes are offered at the WholeHealth Chicago Lincoln Park office located at 2522 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago.

Schedule of upcoming Dragon’s Way classes:
Next six-week class begins:

Tuesday, May 14 – Tuesday, June 18 at WholeHealth Chicago, 2522 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago.  The class will meet from 6:30 – 7:45 PM. (The first and last class will end at 8:00 PM)

Program Costs:

The cost for the 6-week Dragon’s Way program is $200. The cost to repeat the program is $75.  All participants receive a Dragon’s Way Booklet with information and guidance about how to benefit from the program.  Also, every participant receives a guided audio practice CD intended to help people do the 10 Wu Ming Qigong exercises on their own.

In addition, participants have the option to purchase other materials to enhance their Dragon’s Way experience.

How to Register:

Please call our Dr. Stoler at 847-644-2296.  Space is limited, so advance registration is highly recommended. Accepted forms of payment are: cash, check and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

Special Questions or Concerns:
If you believe that you have a condition that might interfere with your ability to participate in this program, please contact Dr. Stoler to discuss your concern.  He can be reached at 847-644-2296.

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