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Breast Thermography

DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging), better known as breast thermography, is a non-invasive, radiation-free diagnostic technique that visualizes skin temperature. We use a completely painless, harmless infrared scanning device to convert heat from your skin into electrical impulses that are sent to a color TV monitor. The resulting image is called a thermogram and it graphically maps your body temperature.

A thermogram can show abnormalities or changes in body tissue. We use thermography primarily in the evaluation of breast disorders, including cancer, to help with early detection, monitor abnormal physiology, and establish risk factors. The faster a malignant tumor grows, the more infrared radiation (heat) it generates. When used along with physical examination and other diagnostic procedures when necessary, you get the best possible evaluation of breast health.

The 15-minute test is a valuable tool for alerting your primary care physician to the possibility of early breast cancer and improves the chances of detecting tumors in the interval between mammograms.

Thermography is also used for women between 30 and 50 whose denser breast tissue makes it challenging for mammography to identify suspicious areas. It provides a “clinical marker,” alerting the doctor or mammogram technician that a specific area requires particularly close examination. For younger women particularly, results from thermography can lead to earlier breast cancer detection.

All patient thermograms are kept on record and form a baseline for future evaluations.

8 comments on “Breast Thermography
  1. mary halpin says:

    What is the cost of DITI?

  2. Dr. R says:

    Hi Mary. The cost varies depending upon the body part(s) images. Please contact our office for specific costs at 773-296-6700

  3. Cassandra johnson says:

    Can lactating women have this test?

  4. Dr. R says:

    Yes Cassandra. This link will give you more information. http://www.longevitythermography.com/aboutthermography.php

  5. Alexis Graves says:

    Is it covered by insurance?

  6. paulrubin says:

    Hi Alexis. There is no insurance reimbursement for Thermography at this time. Please call our office for additional information; 773-296-6700.

  7. Katharine says:

    When (if at all) can breast thermography be used in place of mammograms (to eliminate radiation)? If it can be used this way, what schedule/procedures should one follow? Thanks!

  8. Dr. R says:

    We don’t recommend replacing mammograms with thermograms. We believe that thermography is a technique for detecting changes in heat that may indicate cellular changes. The two types of imaging are often used together as they look for different things. Based upon your particular risk and in consultation with your doctor, thermography could be utilized as an additional monitoring tool.

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