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Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) answers a question you always wanted to know more about but were a bit reluctant to ask: what’s my body fat percentage? In about five minutes, BIA measures the composition of your body, providing an estimate of fat mass, lean body tissue, cell mass, extracellular mass, total body water, intracellular water, and extracellular water.

At WholeHealth Chicago, we use the Biomarkers 2000 bioimpedance analyzer in order to design and monitor many of our health programs, including those for weight loss or weight gain, detoxification, and immune challenges.

How does it work? The BIA measures body composition using the principle that different tissues (fat, water, muscle) have differing degrees of electrical conductivity. For the test, two adhesive electrodes are placed on the hand and wrist and two on the ankle and foot. The computer runs a tiny, painless current through the body for ten seconds while you’re lying down. It’s non-invasive, comfortable, and the results are printed instantly.

Your health and well-being are closely tied to the status of your lean body mass, basal metabolic rate, and body cell mass compartments. By focusing on these parameters, our practitioners can objectively measure the results of their therapies.

Marla Feingold, CCN, CNS, LDN

Seanna Tully, Herbalist, RH(AHG)

Marcy Kirshenbaum, CCN, CNS, LDN

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Get health recommendations, delicious and time-saving recipes, medical news, supplement reviews, birthday discounts, and more!


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