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Seanna’s interest in Natural Medicine and Nutrition began in high school as a dancer, where she was privately tutored by her high school principal in the subject while living with the staff nutritionist for Pacific Northwest Ballet. A few years later, when she became too ill to dance, she utilized her knowledge to heal herself primarily by changing her relationship with food.

As an enthusiast for natural medicine, Seanna has managed natural pharmacies for the 15 years at Chicago College of Healing Arts, Northshore University Health system, and at WholeHealth Chicago. She is state-certified in Clinical Herbal Medicine from Chicago College of Healing Arts, having additional training in holistic nutrition, aromatherapy and flower essences. In addition, Seanna enjoys giving lectures on herbal medicine to a diversity of organizations. She has presented at Oakton Community College (Emeritus program), North Shore Senior Center, Chicago College of Healing Arts, VIDA Health Clinic, and the Chicago Women’s Health Center (in-service) and she has also appeared on the local NBC evening news


Seanna enjoys helping patients improve and renew their relationship to food, make healthier choices based on the latest in nutritional science as well as incorporating traditional models of nourishment and treatment. Her practice of western herbal medicine is influenced by Chinese medicine and also grounded in modern scientific research and physiology. Her focus is on supporting the healthy functioning of body and mind, utilizing food and herbs to strengthen and nourish the system, and to encourage one’s innate healing capacity.

With increasing proliferation and availability of herbal products and nutritional supplements, why consult with a practitioner? While supplements and herbal products can help, Seanna feels that lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and stress management play a more meaningful role in your health over time. If a product is needed, she can help guide you to make wise choices; educate you on safety and efficacy; and can help you to discern which herbs or products are better suited for your individual constitutional type. She can also help you sort though the overwhelming array of nutritional information in media, and teach you to discern what is best for you.


As a Nutrition and Herbal Medicine practitioner by appointment, Seanna provides an evaluation that considers your past history, the strength of your organ systems, lifestyle factors, and psycho-spiritual issues along with your particular health concerns. At the end of your appointment, she will help you to set goals and lifestyle changes for your own healing. She will also provide recommendations for dietary changes, particular herbs, supplements, aromatherapy, and/or flower essence formulations to support you in reaching those goals

Specialty: Lungs, Digestion, Urinary, Nervous System, Menstruation, Mind/Body Connection.

Seanna also serves as our Apothecary Clinical Services Manager and is available by email or phone for technical questions regarding your supplements or herbal products.


Seanna is available 3-4 days per week, including one evening per week and Saturdays.

Seanna is also available for speaking engagements to educate the community about the use of herbs for enhancing health and wellness.


“My intention is to serve by sharing both traditional and scientific knowledge about food and plants to my community as well as assisting one to open to the healer within.”

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