Renee Zambo :: Yoga Teacher


Renee Zambo is a 500hr yoga instructor living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Renee started yoga from a book when she was sixteen as a way to reduce stress and connect to her body.  Her practice deepened in 2005 as she moved to Chicago and practiced Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga throughout the city. In 2010, Renee received her 200hr in Vinyasa Yoga and started teaching right away. She fell in love with meeting people from all walks of life who came together for the same reason: to grow, learn, and practice.

Her desire was always to make yoga accessible and beneficial to everyone in their own way, which sparked her training with Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2013.  With IYT, Renee learned more about stress reduction, health conditions, specific injuries, and yoga techniques that are best suitable for them. IYT helped Renee see how all aspects of yoga – lifestyle, breathing exercises, postures, and meditation, enhance awareness and create a sense of wholeness.

Renee pulls from both her Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy training to create effective and empowering group and private lessons. She includes posture variations for growth at all levels, and encourages her students use their breath and body awareness in every pose to stay present and aware.  Renee leaves plenty of time for grounding relaxation at the end of every class.  It is her intention that students leave feeling more connected and strengthened by their physical and mental self.


Yoga has been used to release stress and tension, gain energy, balance, strength and flexibility, and become a healthier, more mindful individual in all areas of life for thousands of years. Since it is such a versatile practice, yoga can be tailored to whichever ailment or condition you have in a comfortable place.


Renee will evaluate the appropriate style and length of yoga for your specific health conditions, past or current injuries, goals and desires from yoga. Lessons can be anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half long, and can be individual or with one other person. At the end of each lesson, Renee will provide postures and movements that you can do on your own to meet your goals more efficiently and be able to move with more ease. Lessons can be planned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and each lesson will build off the previous one to ensure growth in your practice.


Yoga for athletes, chronic fatigue, muscle and joint aches, scoliosis, weight loss, cardio, flexibility, depression, stress reduction, and yoga for kids.


Monday – Friday by appointment.


“Yoga has been a dynamic journey into what we are capable of doing, feeling and overcoming physically and mentally. It is my hope to guide others towards self healing and ease in their bodies and less stress in their life.”

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