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Cliff Maurer :: Chiropractic Medicine


Having worked at WholeHealth Chicago for over ten years, Dr. Maurer completed his chiropractic internship in a number of Chicago area clinics and graduated from the National University of Health Sciences.  He is board certified to practice chiropractic medicine and physiotherapy by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.  Dr. Maurer utilizes manual techniques when caring for patients as well as alternative therapies to address health complaints using lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling and natural medicine. He has experience treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and general health problems with chiropractic manipulation, physical and functional rehabilitation, Kinesiotape technique, a range of soft tissue rehabilitation techniques, and functional medicine.
Dr. Maurer remains active in continuing education programs, which include the latest research in functional diagnostics, physical rehabilitation, nutrition and functional medicine.  Such programs include orthopedic and sports medicine evaluation and care, The McKenzie Method of Manual Diagnosis and Therapy which is a non-manipulation based treatment for pain, muscular and myofascial rehabilitation, functional medicine, headache treatment, disorders of the jaw, and the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness or vertigo.


  • If you have suffered an injury that prevents you from doing activities you enjoy.
  • If you experience chronic pain that interferes with your daily life.
  • If you suffer from back or neck pain, headaches, jaw pain (TMJ, temporomandibular joint dysfunction) or numbness and tingling in your arms or legs.
  • If you have vertigo or dizziness, whether it is a new symptom or a chronic problem.
  • If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant and would like assistance in maintaining good overall heath during your pregnancy.
  • If you are interested in how chiropractic can play a role in your wellness care and disease prevention.
  • If you are looking for a healthcare provider that uses lifestyle and natural medicine to address your healthcare complaints.


  • A review of your current complaint and medical history as well as a thorough examination and treatment when appropriate.
  • Education about why you are currently experiencing your symptoms, your body’s capabilities and limitations, how chiropractic can address your complaints and what you can do to prevent your symptoms from coming back.
  • An individualized treatment plan. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” plan to address your concerns, so it is important that we work together to develop a course of treatment most appropriate for your unique condition.
  • A partnership in your healthcare. An integral part of treatment at WholeHealth Chicago is learning how to take care of yourself through lifestyle modifications and simple, regular physical activity.
  • An integrative team approach to your healthcare with the practitioners at WholeHealth Chicago.
  • When necessary, referral to major medical institutions and top specialists in and around Chicago.


  • Full Laboratory Services
  • Physical and Functional Rehabilitation
  • Kinesiotape Technique
  • Myofascial Release and Rehabilitation
  • Custom Orthotics


By appointment Monday through Saturday.


“Healthcare is most effective when there is a partnership between a patient and their healthcare providers. While many conditions can be addressed through positive lifestyle choices, it’s my goal assist your body’s natural healing mechanisms and to show you how to best care for yourself outside of the clinic.”

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