March Sale: 20% Off Mountain Rose Organic Herbs

Mountain Rose Organic Herbs, trusted for their unmatched vitality and purity, are hand-selected annually from the finest harvests. This company believes that “organic” isn’t simply a buzzword, but rather a way of life that also guides how they do business.

Organic farming methods often involve more labor, but take far less from the environment because they emphasize soil building, crop rotation, careful harvesting, assimilation of the local environment, and composting. In addition to offering an extensive selection of certified organic herbal goods, Mountain Rose Herbs are also Non-GMO Project-verified, a designation identifying products produced from plants known to be at risk of GMO contamination.

We recommend Mountain Rose organic herbs for medicinal tea, herbal baths (create your own!), and remedies. During March, take 20% off Mountain Rose Organic Herbs.


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